Life as a Monk After the Program

If you have proven that you can train yourself properly and adjust to our Sangha community well without creating conflict, you will be eligible to continue being a monk after you complete an exit interview at the end of the program. With this in mind, the 30-day program is essentially a trial period. You get to see if our community is a good fit for you, and we get to see if you are a good fit for the community. There is no need to commit to a longer period of being a monk before the completion of the program, but just keep this option in mind if it interests you at all.

As a rough estimate, visa costs for up to a year of staying longer term as a monk with us will be anywhere between 4,000THB – 8,000THB. This is just an estimate, so it is good for you to have more than this if it is your desire to stay longer. After a year of being a monk with us, then we will help with visa extension costs. Granted that you don’t have any medical emergencies or other unexpected expenditures, these will be the main financial requirements for staying as a monk longer term from 1 year up.